Mayim Bialik and Big Bang No Longer Funny – Nothing Is Funny When Your Accessory to Genocide Ass Is On Screen

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Alt Title: Big Bang Theory TV Star, Mayim Bialik, Blossom of Big Bang Promotes Half Truth Genocide

Fu Q Mayim Bialik and Big Bang No Longer Funny – Nothing Is Funny When Your Accessory to Genocide Ass Is On Screen

Israel Does Not Need To Slaughter Children and Infants to 'Exist' - Only To Keep 'Non-Holy Chosen' Animals From Existing Israel Does Not Need To Slaughter Children and Infants to ‘Exist’ – Only To Keep ‘Non-Holy Chosen’ Animals From Existing

Wonder when this lying accessory to genocide will be ‘breast feeding’ in Gaza in a NATO scam refugee center – Don’t worry it’s safer than safe… Israel only wants to exist… SCUMBAG SKANK! And accessory to genocide, go feed that little Zionist pos you are raising in Gaza and see a REAL ‘BIG BANG’ up close and personal. U.N. Informed Israel 17 Times About Gaza School Shelter Before Attack

Murderous Accessory to Zionist Israel says what? Mayim Bialik: It’s Hard to Write Anything With Israel on My Mind If you hate…

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Evidence: Russia Cannot Be Trusted & Putin Is Not A Hero

You never fail to impress Joseph.

Joseph Davis | Freedom Advocate in Memphis, TN

President Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation cannot be trusted as per the information below. Please share with anyone who considers Putin some sort of hero.

Putin Welcomes Kissinger: ‘Old Friends’ to Talk Shop

“The International Monetary Fund should investigate the possible creation of a new reserve currency, widening the list of reserve currencies or using its already existing Special Drawing Rights, or SDRs, as a “superreserve currency accepted by the whole of the international community,” the Kremlin said in a statement issued on its web site.”

Russia Hires Goldman as Corporate Broker to Boost Image

Russia Hires Goldman Sachs as Adviser

Goldman Sachs | Russia

How Russia Created a Jewish Museum and Tolerance Center Even Vladimir Putin Can Tolerate | “The federation had a vision for the future museum, which the Russian chief rabbi, Berel Lazar of Chabad-Lubavitch, discussed in an official conversation with…

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Timeline Of The Jewish Genocide Of The British People



Here’s how it happened:

1066: In return for financial support William The Conqueror brought the jews to England with him. The jews soon acquired a reputation as extortionate moneylenders which made them extremely unpopular with both the Church and the general public. 

1290: King Edward I finally expelled the jews from England. The jews swore their revenge.

Expusion and relocation of jews during the Middle Ages. Expulsion and relocation of jews during the Middle Ages.

1649: The jews financed Oliver Cromwell’s otherthrowing and beheading of Stuart King Charles I after he refused them control of England’s finances.

1655: The jews were readmitted to England by their puppet Oliver Cromwell.

1660: With the British People becoming sick of austerity under the jewish puppet Oliver Cromwell, Charles Stuart landed in Dover in May 1660 and was restored as King Charles II of England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland to wide popular acclaim…

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Australia’s Forgotten Coup


Gough Whitlam

In the 1970‘s, the United States and Britain backed rogue Australian forces to oust then-current Australian Prime Minister GOUGH WHITLAM. Fearing that Whitlam would expose foreign undermining of Australia and close Pine Gap, the U.S.’ largest spy base in Australia, he was relieved of his duties before he was able to inform the Australian Parliament of the U.S. and Britain’s actions to undermine the nation.

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How To Write Your Name Under Duress



[**UPDATED: April 5th, 2017**]

For starters, there is a difference between a “signature” and an “autograph.” A “signature” represents you legal straw man. An “autograph” represents your flesh-and-blood body.

In legal matters, autographing/signing one’s name on a document is tantamount to accepting liability. In today’s corrupt legal system, they often REQUIRE you to autograph/sign your name, sometimes going as far as threatening you with jail time for refusing to do so. We must remember: AN AUTOGRAPH OR SIGNATURE UNDER DURESS IS NOT LEGALLY BINDING! But there ARE ways to autograph/sign one’s name to indicate that it was done under duress.

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God as nature and Christ as natural law discussions via Gnostic Media

Joseph Davis | Freedom Advocate in Memphis, TN

These are thought provoking discussions on God as nature and Christ as natural law. You can download Clint’s book, which is the subject of these discussions, for free or purchase a physical copy at

UnSpun 092 – Clint Richardson & Bill Joslin: “Heroes to Our Descendants – A Legacy of Natural Law”

via Jan Irvin of

UnSpun 088 – Clint Richardson: “Red Pill Sunday School, pt. 3”

via Jan Irvin of

Clint Richardson rejoins us to discuss his new book, Strawman, and “Nothing can be known without its comparative opposite. So what is The Matrix? What does that movie stand in metaphor of? The legal system — nothing more, nothing less. What is The Matrix opposite of? Reality. Nature. What is the legal system opposite of? Reality. Nature. What is a birth certificate? A legal Matrix! An artificial womb; a place to escape the Reality and…

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BREXIT: If Britannia Had Balls, She would Walk. - The Conservative Voice in Global News



If the UK only exercises its right to withdraw from the EU under article 50(1) without negotiating any agreement, there is no need for any “agreement”.

Thus, as provided in Article 50(1), a Member State may withdraw without any other conditions “in accordance with its own constitutional arrangements”.

Since the United Kingdom is singularly fortunate in this situation that there is no written constitution, the UK is clearly free to act in any way it sees fit and proper.

It is important to stress that there is no need for any agreement at all with the EU. (The UK is also fortunate not to have the euro as a withdrawal for the eurozone states is much more complicated).

The option is there under article 50 (2) to negotiate further relationships with the EU. But we may not…

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Troubling Quotes

Zionists I hear you say. Jewish tricks.

Its Wakeup Time!

Happygoy is puzzled by these quotes:

Our race is the ‘Master Race.’ We are divine gods on this planet.  We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects… Other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. The masses will lick our feet and serve us as our slaves.

~ Jew Menechem Begin, Sixth Prime Minister of Israel

The goal of abolishing the white race is, on its face, so desirable that some may find it hard to believe that it could incur any opposition other than from committed white supremacists… Make no mistake about it: we intend to keep bashing the dead white males, and the live ones, and the females too, until the social construct known as the ‘white race’ is destroyed.

~ Jewish professor Noel Ignatiev

We are ready to implement our most important and ambitious…

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