Massacre of the Golan

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Austrian UN peacekeepers sent nine Syrian police into an ambush of criminals and shot a video of their murder. The Minister of Defence sets up a commission of inquiry. Aiding murder? Or a permissible command?


Watch The Austrian press reveals the video of an Austrian crime against Syrian security..

Yesterday, an Austrian newspaper published a video from September 2012 in which the United Nations forces show “Blue hats” of Austrian citizenship, which until 2013 were the forces of separation between Syria and the Zionist entity.

How they filmed a TOYOTA CARRYING 9 elements of Syrian security on one of the roads and at the same time photographed a number of people who said they were “Smugglers” hiding and ambushed security officers. Although the officers came to the location of the Austrian forces, handed them over and spoke to them in English, the Austrian forces did not warn the…

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Israeli Mossad assassinates youth Palestinian scholar in Malaysia

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Analysts said that Israel’s claim that the scholar is a Hamas member proves its involvement in the assassination

Israeli occupation Mossad assassinated on Saturday at dawn the young Palestinian scholar Fadi al-Batch, while he was heading to perform the Dawn Prayer in a nearby mosque in Kuala Lumpur.

Malaysian Police Commander Dato Siri said that two armed men opened shot ten bullets from a very close distance at Al-Batch, noting one directly penetrated his head and left him dead.

People, who attended the dawn prayer, described that the two men had white bodies and blond hair and stayed a while near the mosque checking all the worshipers.

Al-Batch, 35, from the northern Gaza city of Jabalia, obtained his PhD in electronic engineers and has been lecturing in a private Malaysian university. He left a widow and three orphans.

Before he was assassinated, he obtained several awards and patents for developing…

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Prince Charles: Foreign Jews behind bloodshed in ME

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In May, 2017, British Crown Prince Charlesdeclined an invitation from Zionist entity’s president Reuven Rivlin‘s to attend the 100th anniversary of the notorious 1917 Balfour Declaration in Jerusalem. This month, he skipped the  Balfour centenary gala dinner in London.

Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn alsoskipped the gala dinner which was attended by the prime ministers of Britain and Israel.

Naturally, the UK’s powerful organized Jewry couldn’t take Prince Charles’Jew baiting sitting down.

Today, London-based Jewish Chronicle reported that Prince Charles in a 1986 letter to his friend Sir Laurens Jan van der had accused foreign Jews (Europe’s Jew terrorists) behind the current bloodshed in the Middle East.

The letter, according to JC, also challenged United States to take on the Jewish Lobby (watch video below).

The Prince of Wales added that the exodus of European Jews in the mid-20th century helped to cause the great problems in the…

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Espionage – the ‘innocent agents’

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On July 30, 2010 – The Amnesty Intrnational had demanded that Iranian authorities must release the three American Jew hikers, detained over a year ago on allegation of spying for CIA/Mossad.

On July 31, 2009 – three American Jews were arrested for entering illegically into Iran from the US-Israel protected Iraq’s northern Kurdish region. The three arrested were identified as Shane Bauer 28 (Sarah’s boyfriend), Josh Fattal 28 and Sarah Shourd 31. According to the King 5 News (Seattle), the fourth member of the group, University of Washington PhD student Shon Meckfessel escaped arrest because he did not go for ‘hiking’ and stayed at the hotel. All four are Jewish and US citizen. All four are writers and their articles have appeared in ‘The Jewish Week’ and the ‘New America Media’.

Danna Harman writing in Israeli daily Ha’aretz (July 30, 2010) even compared the three captured Jews as the ‘three…

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