Update: Unwanted postal deliveries addressed to Mrs Holocaust Denier – Malicious Communications?

Alison Chabloz

Apologies for the length of this post. Undecided as to whether or not to contact police, after sleeping on it, my instinct tells me to publish here on my blog. 

June 23rd, date of my last hearing, I was finally charged with two counts of sending and two counts of causing to be sent a ‘grossly offensive’ message via a public communications network under the Communications Act 2003. The papers were served on me by the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) lawyer outside Court 1 at Westminster Magistrates, the hearing briefly suspended for this purpose. The next hearing will take place October 25th at 10 am, also at Westminster Magistrates Court.

My bail conditions have been further tightened and now include address restrictions.

A week after the last hearing in June, my barrister and the CPS lawyer were called back to court by District Judge Zani to discuss three issues. Firstly…

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#Duginism = Russian New World Order 2.0

Joseph Davis | Pro Logos

I don’t care for Western imperialism via NATO and the European Union, but that doesn’t mean I want either replaced by Russian imperialism asAleksandr Dugin espouses. Below are two good videos on why “Duginism” is really a globalist, Russian New World Order 2.0 ideology.

What is Duginism and why it matters?

viaFreedom Alternative

Russian ideological subversion did not end with the fall of the USSR – it merely changed its approach. Aleksandr Dugin’s “neo-Eurasian” ideology is now targeting impressionable minds of the far-Right in particular – but also certain corners of the far-Left (e.g. Syriza).

Dugin: Master of Chaos & the NWO Made in Russia?

via Ali Syed for newsbud.com

An Interview with Wahid Azal

This is an exploration behind the controversial figure Aleksandr Dugin who has been hailed as Russia?s New Rasputin and the brain of Russia?s Vladimir Putin- but is that really so?

Dugin?s influence in the…

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