Terrorist attacks – Can you ever believe what you’re told

Brehon Law Democrats

The London Bridge attack is the latest in a long line of demented assaults on the general public. I am not here to dispute the veracity of such horrors but the lack of sufficient evidence and the paucity of factual presentation by the authorities leaves the way open to at least severe analytical criticism and at worst claims of fake news.

In the case of the London Bridge/Borough Market attacks, there are several puzzling aspects to raise the question of how can you believe what you’re told although the hospital cases of treatment to 48 injured should be enough to satisfy any dubious mind.

That said, one particular matter is challenging. We are told that, having hit several pedestrians on the bridge, the savages leapt from the van and ran towards the market area attacking people as they went. On reaching the market they supposedly entered pubs and restaurants where…

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