Livni: Rhetoric from religious camp ‘worrying’

The Ugly Truth

Ex-Foreign Minister slams right-wing and religious parties, says she does not want to give citizenship to PA Arabs

ed note–not only the ‘Jewish state’ in Palestine, but the ‘Jewish state’ as it exists around the world in various forms–Judaic control of money, economies, media, politics, culture, etc–continually exists in a very precarious and dangerous balance. It can only exist as long as the Gentiles–who outnumber Jews at a ratio of around 99 to 1, remain unaware and unconcerned with what truly encompasses Jewish thinking and the Judaic ‘religion’.

This is the reason why the smarter elements making up Judea, Inc are so put out and inconvenienced by the noise coming out of the right, because such noise–impossible to argue away due to its ugly truth–rips away the mirage and mask of civility and ‘enlightenment’ that these ‘smarter’ elements have painstakingly spent thousands of years crafting concerning the toxic-to-Gentiledom current that…

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