Updated 22/3/2017 14.00hrsMy questions wereWas the investigation carried out properly when Hames was Head of the unit? Even he says he was disappointed with the outcome.Was a caution really the best that could be achieved with the wealth of evidence that we now know he had in Righton’s diary? Strangely Hames did not mention such a goldmine find in his book.When did the unit under Hames interview Righton, if at all?Why did they not follow up Righton’s serious offences?Why was no action taken against Richard Alston? Was that Hames’s decision?Was this really the best the investigation into all the other contacts of Righton?Why were no PIE contacts arrested and charged?Was there any interference from Government departments?For more on this see Heroes for Exposing Child Sexual Abuse – Part 1 – Peter McKelvie [2] As a comment below points out, questions must also be asked about Hames being a freemason. THE POSTING OF STORIES…

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