Covert War Between Russia and Khazarian Jewry

Covert Geopolitics

The precursor to the ongoing covert hybrid WW3 has its colorful beginnings in the Kingdom of Khazaria, a Turkic empire which had its epicenter center in what is now known as Ukraine.

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Texan Noble Energy & Israel are Stealing Gas Reserves in Gaza

Covert Geopolitics

It can be said by now that the primordial intention why Palestinian lands must be usurped by the Rothschild agents in the Middle East is to plunder the natural resources hidden beneath the Levant Basin. The Levant has throughout history meant Syria, Lebanon and Palestine.  The discovery is the largest discovery in the history of Noble Energy, “more than 40 Tcf of natural gas resources in the Levant Basin”.

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Former Mossad chief: ‘We need to punish the Americans’

The Ugly Truth

Former Mossad chief says Trump’s actions may endanger Israel, warns against trusting US in the future.

ed note–and there you have it folks, the real reason for all the noise about Trump ‘leaking classified information’–to put him in an adversarial position vis a vis Israel just prior to his visit there where he is planning to put the muscle on Netanyahu in resolving this Palestinian situation. By his having ‘endangered’ the Jewish state by ‘leaking classified info’ to the Russians who are aligned with Iran and Syria, the picture being crafted is that the ENTIRE move to resolve the Palestinian situation is in effect a ‘Russian operation’ with Trump as the ‘asset’ or the ‘pawn’ of Vladimir Putin, whom the Jews hate and want to see removed as much as they do Assad, Nasrallah, and Trump himself. 

What this also means is that Judea, Inc understands that Trump is serious…

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NY organ trafficker admits buying kidneys in Israel for $10,000… and selling them in U.S. for $120,000

Friends of Syria

  • First ever U.S. federal conviction for organ trafficking
  • His lawyers claimed he was providing life-saving service

Lawyers for a man who pleaded guilty Thursday in the first ever federal conviction for illegal organ trafficking say he was performing life-saving services for severely ill people.

Levy Izhak Rosenbaum, from New York, admitted in a Trenton federal court to brokering three illegal kidney transplants for desperate New Jersey-based customers in exchange for payments of $120,000 or more.

He also pleaded guilty to a conspiracy count for brokering an illegal kidney sale.

Convicted trafficker: Levy Izhak Rosenbaum , 60, before entering the courthouse in Trenton, New Jersey, on Thursday

Convicted trafficker: Levy Izhak Rosenbaum , 60, before entering the courthouse in Trenton, New Jersey, on Thursday

Attorneys Ronald Kleinberg and Richard Finkel say Rosenbaum never solicited clients.

He simply agreed to help desperately ill people by finding them kidney donors, they said.

The lawyers claim the surgeries occurred in prestigious American hospitals and were performed by experienced transplant experts.


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Livni: Rhetoric from religious camp ‘worrying’

The Ugly Truth

Ex-Foreign Minister slams right-wing and religious parties, says she does not want to give citizenship to PA Arabs

ed note–not only the ‘Jewish state’ in Palestine, but the ‘Jewish state’ as it exists around the world in various forms–Judaic control of money, economies, media, politics, culture, etc–continually exists in a very precarious and dangerous balance. It can only exist as long as the Gentiles–who outnumber Jews at a ratio of around 99 to 1, remain unaware and unconcerned with what truly encompasses Jewish thinking and the Judaic ‘religion’.

This is the reason why the smarter elements making up Judea, Inc are so put out and inconvenienced by the noise coming out of the right, because such noise–impossible to argue away due to its ugly truth–rips away the mirage and mask of civility and ‘enlightenment’ that these ‘smarter’ elements have painstakingly spent thousands of years crafting concerning the toxic-to-Gentiledom current that…

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It’s out in the open?Israeli general openly discusses the entente between Israel IS and Al-Nusra Front

Blog of Staś

The threat to Israel from the Syrian border

23/04/2017 | by Nuriel, Nitzan (Brig. Gen. Res.)  

Until several years ago, the threat facing the State of Israel from the north was Syria from the Golan Heights and Hezbollah in Lebanon. In the face of these threats, Israel has developed an orderly combat doctrine over the years. Things changed with the outbreak of the civil war in Syria, and the reality that was created along the Golan Heights border was chaos and fighting between Syrian opposition forces, Al-Nusra Front and the Islamic State, which all seek to gain control of the territory. Per to your assessment, what is the central threat facing the State of Israel today from this arena? And why? 

The outbreak of the civil war in Syria and the collapse of Assad’s army created a vacuum in the Syrian Golan Heights into which jihadist organizations entered, some…

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