Game Over, Satan!

Game Over, Satan!

Game Over, Satan!

The Birth Certificate is the most damning legal document and contract that people are intimidated to “sin up” for without any legal foreknowledge as to the true nature of this soul stealer and literal deal with the devil, Satanic cult I.D.-doll….The only thing that “forces” anyone to REGISTER their children with Satan’s 666 inky-n-lily’s is the fact that THEY consent to be the legal name on the SAME prior fraud, merely continued. This is why you DON’T have a choice while you WILL yourself to be THEIR legal name property slave first.
Here’s a list of a few crimes you commit in the legal sense that paints you and all those that go along with this legal name fraud:

1. Birth Certificate name is NOT to be used for IDENTIFICATION purposes, as stated right on the document (if it’s on one, it’s on them all legal…

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