The Validity of the Magna Carta 1215.

Denounce The Deception (UK)

There has been much rhetoric in recent months about the validity and efficacy of Ch.61 Magna Carta 1215 and whether or not it has any relevancy in modern law practise, That it had been signed under duress and that Pope Innocent III even denounced it. We have been subjected to a number of arguments from both solicitors and law students who are of the opinion that MC1215 is an arcane law with no modern relevance or effect. It should be pointed out that law degrees have not included constitutional law as a mandatory subject of study or examination since the mid-1970’s in Britain and consequently lawyers are very poorly trained in the subject.

If MC1215 were irrelevant, why would Leolin Price Q.C. have sanctioned the petition to the Queen, delivered 8 February 2001? This petition then led toArticle 61beinginvokedthe following month. Surely if Magna Carta was…

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