Jew Judge REJECTS Jury’s Vote for Death Penalty for Negro Triple Killer


The story of a Negro triple murderer was interesting in itself. Then I did some more research.

The Jewish woman judge who reduced Douglas Shine’s sentence from death to life in prison has a history of self-promotion.

According to Cleveland Magazine the judge was a defense attorney who defended some real scum.

Synenberg describes herself as “a social liberal.” As a judge, her philosophy is that people are complex and that the “law invites you to take a look at them individually.”

“Working on the premise, of course,” she continues, “that people are inherently good.” She says that politics has no place on the bench.

Jean Capers, a well-respected retired Cleveland Municipal Court judge, explains it like this, “Her compassion is the same toward all.” She describes Synenberg’s skills as “impeccable.”

A gentleman of color will get to spend the rest of his life in prison rather than face death…

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