New Star Wars Film has NO WHITE MALES Except for the Villains


(((Hollywood’s))) hatred of the white male becomes ever more explicit and impossible for the Jews who run the rat hole to deny.

There is a white boycott of this movie in the works.

American Thinker

As a big Star Wars fan, I was excited to learn about the upcoming film, Rogue One. It’s a war film, involving the exciting mission to steal the plans to the Death Star (the first Death Star, not the second or the third one).

But as more details came out, I was saddened to learn that there was no one in the film who looks like me. Not a single white male among any of the numerous protagonists.

The main protagonist of Rogue One is a very thin woman named Jyn Erso whose weight looks to be only in double digits, even though she effortlessly beats men twice her size. But as a man…

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