The Jewish people never recognized the laws of nature

The Ugly Truth

jewish world destruction

Sabba – This is a fascinating article. It takes the fires that swept Israel as the starting point of a very interesting discussion on the jews and History, the historical process, Judaism and zionism. 

As the title suggest, jews do not recognize the Laws of Nature and, using religious terminology, the jews do not recognize the Laws of God. Indeed, they only recognize the 613 commandments  enforced upon them by their torturers: their rabbis.

Using a Nietzschean analogy, the writer explains how the jews reject Nature, Life, Reality, only to live “wrapped up in a collective dream within a mythical world from which exit is almost impossible”.

Taking this further, we can trace back the jewish attitude towards Nature, Life, Reality and, ultimately, to God back to the XVIth Century with one of their holiest and most important rabbi of all times: Isaac Luria.

Being obsessed with the Moshiach…

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