How they do it–‘Trump administration the most pro-Israel in a generation’

The Ugly Truth


New poll shows Israelis overwhelmingly believe incoming Trump administration will be pro-Israel.

ed note–a quick title search of the articles just on THIS website where Jews–both in Israel and abroad–overwhelmingly rejected a Trump presidency during the campaign–

‘On Israel, Trump Pledges High and Gives Nothing’

‘The Rise and Fall of Donald Trump’s Campaign in Israel’

‘Israelis strongly favor Clinton over Trump’

‘Israel’s mainstream distrusts Trump’

‘The real challenge is to save Israel from Donald Trump’

‘Trump is unreliable for Israel, GOP national security officials say’

‘Why being pro-Trump is anti-Israel’

‘Even Those Who Think Hillary Is Bad for Israel Must Now Believe Trump Would Be Worse’

‘The irrelevant pantomime of Trump’s ‘pro-Israel’ GOP platform’

‘Arch Neo-Con/Israeli asset Robert Kagan– ‘There is something very wrong with Donald Trump’’

‘Israeli-American mogul Haim Saban: Trump win would be ‘disastrous’ for Israel’

‘Sheldon Adelson is wrong: Trump is no champion of Israel’

‘Trump’s dangerous…

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