David Icke on Ted Heath in The Biggest Secret

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Update 5th Aug David Icke has been suspended from facebook for 3 days for sharing this captioned photo of Savile and Heath. See here [2] for more details.[which now 7 Aug appears to be unavailable, which isnt very bright asking people to spread the link and then making it defunct David. It was a link to a screenshot of facebook and saying he had been suspended for 3 days for breaking terms ]


This post is just to clarify what David Icke said about Ted Heath in Ickes book The Biggest Secret [1] published Feb 1999 when Heath was still alive.

It is written in a section about satanic abuse so I have included 6 pages of this, but the Heath piece is on page 306.

It is about Heath torturing and raping a girl, not as is commonly thought about abusing little boys.

There may well be many other…

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