FRANCE – French military just caught staging ISIS false flag

The Ugly Truth


SOTT – Reports from France indicate that the French military have been caught red-handed in the act of preparing an ISIS false flag terror attack on its own citizens – and none of their excuses are making any sense.  ISIS flags, video equipment, Arabic newspapers and a generator were discovered by gardeners in a cave outside the town of Saumur – causing panic among local citizens who called the local and national police, as well as anti-terrorist units.  

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Maine Republic Email Alert

What is happening in Europe is terrifying for the citizens and their government is covering it up and placing the welfare of the refugees above the people who are being raped, assaulted and murdered.

This video is a wake-up call for Americans that this is what Obama, Hillary, Soros and the UN are planning for the United States! This is the uncensored truth! THIS IS THE CONTROVERSIAL VIDEO THAT OBAMA AND HILLARY DO NOT WANT YOU TO SEE! This video has rarely been seen and was removed from YouTube several times.

This is the blueprint of what the UN has begun in Europe and currently has underway here in the United States. We located this highly controversial, 20 minute short documentary, and have made it available because we feel it is our duty to reveal the truth – even when NO ONE ELSE WILL!

Americans MUST know what is REALLY…

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21. Another Brick in the Wall (Part 1/2)

pink floyd


Before you read any further here, it is highly recommended that you read the posts listed below first, in order to have a full grasp of the subject matter that will be discussed in this post.

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Sanhedrin Passes Judgement Against Obama on Mt. Zion

The Ugly Truth


BREAKING ISRAEL NEWS – 71 elders of Israel who identify themselves as the Sanhedrin gathered Wednesday on Mount Zion in a historic trial bringing to judgement Pope Francis and US President Barack Obama in absentia. The rabbis called the two leaders to trial for crimes leading to the mortal endangerment of Israel and the Jewish nation.

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‘Safe’ Zika pesticide nukes millions of bees

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‘Safe’ Zika pesticide nukes millions of bees

by Jon Rappoport

September 1, 2016

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Millions of bees have just died in South Carolina, because Dorchester County officials decided to attack Zika mosquitoes from the air, from planes, with a pesticide called Naled.

The Washington Post reports, in an article headlined: “‘Like it’s been nuked’: Millions of bees dead after South Carolina sprays for Zika mosquitoes.”

“The county acknowledged the bee deaths Tuesday. ‘Dorchester County is aware that some beekeepers in the area that was sprayed on Sunday lost their beehives,’ Jason Ward, county administrator, said in a news release. He added, according to the Charleston Post and Courier, ‘I am not pleased that so many bees were killed.’

That’s the highest degree of outrage County Administrator Ward can muster? He’s not pleased?

Who said this Naled pesticide was…

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