If Andrew Lawrence has got chutzpah then I must have balls of steel


Walking around town in the sunshine, studying the hoardings of posters which line the road down and back up to the Assembly Rooms, my attention became focused on the use of the word ‘chutzpah’ to describe Andrew Lawrence’s Hate Speech Tour.

160816 Andrew LawrenceIf Andrew Lawrence has ‘chutzpah’, is it because he’s centrefold for Scotsgay rather than a neo-nazi, antisemitic Holocaust denier?

Clearly, I do not and never will have balls of steel, but one comment on my recent YouTube video states that I too have chutzpah. The question is, are there any venues out there with the chutzpah to host my new show, Tell Me More Lies?

The show contains a lot of whining, it’s true. The music is there to balance things out. It was a bit of a last minute decision having been out of the country and under the radar for some time. I sent off email…

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