If Andrew Lawrence has got chutzpah then I must have balls of steel


Walking around town in the sunshine, studying the hoardings of posters which line the road down and back up to the Assembly Rooms, my attention became focused on the use of the word ‘chutzpah’ to describe Andrew Lawrence’s Hate Speech Tour.

160816 Andrew LawrenceIf Andrew Lawrence has ‘chutzpah’, is it because he’s centrefold for Scotsgay rather than a neo-nazi, antisemitic Holocaust denier?

Clearly, I do not and never will have balls of steel, but one comment on my recent YouTube video states that I too have chutzpah. The question is, are there any venues out there with the chutzpah to host my new show, Tell Me More Lies?

The show contains a lot of whining, it’s true. The music is there to balance things out. It was a bit of a last minute decision having been out of the country and under the radar for some time. I sent off email…

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Psychiatrists drugging children for “social justice”

Jon Rappoport's Blog

Bombshell: Mind-control engineers drugging children for “Social Justice”

by Jon Rappoport

August 3, 2016

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I’m reprinting my 2012 article here, in part, to illustrate how major media let explosive stories drop like stones into deep lakes.

Here today, gone tomorrow. As if nothing ever happened.

This piece is about tyrannical (and quite insane) psychiatrists, who see themselves as social justice warriors on behalf of the poor, the ignored, the forgotten, the oppressed.

These doctors have a strategy that scrambles brains, causes violent behavior, and deepens the problems of inner cities and their inhabitants. Their “solution to inequality” involves drugs, and opens a gateway from dangerous drugs to very dangerous drugs. It’s a chemical road to perdition.

Major media gave the scandal scant “fair and balanced” coverage in 2012 and then fell silent. Why bother following up? In fact…

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It Ain’t Vigilantism

caged but undaunted

Organized Hate Organized Hate

With predictable excuse, Zionists everywhere including Israeli political, religious and government leaders have once again raced to distance themselves from the most recent deadly expression of settler hatred- this time it was the fire bombing of a Palestinian home in the West Bank in which an 18 month old child burned to death while committing the terrorist act of dreaming. His more “fortunate” parents and 4 year old brother were left in critical condition with third degree burns over most of their bodies, charred not just by the flame of the Molotov cocktails, but the hatred that is Israel.

In the hours following this latest savage attack, Israelis and Jewish supporters worldwide raced to distance themselves from what is very much the criminal norm of the settler movement that they have empowered not just in the West Bank, but everywhere within the Zionist community- a community where blind…

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