We are on the brink of losing our once great country to the cult of Islam.  I don’t need to elaborate on the effect this has had on us in the UK, we all know enough and know we are in danger.  Like many I have thought long and hard about how helpless we have become and we are at the mercy of the government (just as they planned).  We know we are being invaded and we also know who the MSM are looking after and it’s not us!

The dreaded cult has been so successful in taking over simply because they have used their religion to force the agenda and they stick together very tightly where ever they land.  Christianity is frowned on today and the planned death of our Christian values was long in the planning to make way for what has become a very broken UK.  The fact that we are so broken and divided of course makes us vulnerable to attack!

A few weeks ago I came across a book by David Shayler ‘Love is the Law of the Land’ and it really got me thinking.  I am a Catholic, although not practising and I never found religion.  The book incorporates Christianity and the UK laws and this is the part that I think we can use against the Government to fight back.  You don’t have to be a Christian to ‘Love thy Neighbour’.  If you read the book you will see how Christianity and gods law can help us all as it’s humanity.

Admittedly I am an eternal optimist but I really do see this as a way to fight our corner.  Can we convert to Christianity and use the book to restore our Country.  I think we can and I also believe it is a good tactic and it doesn’t do any harm to become more considerate of our own fellow man!  We could have bulging churches and communities again and get back our Bulldog spirit!  What do you say?

Link for the book