Kaiser Cheif’s

muslim-invasionWe are all aware of the media blackout surrounding the migrant crisis.  I have personally seen enough to know that this blackout is for sinister reasons only and is without justification.  We have been appeasing the muslim community for far too long in the UK and the grooming and raping gangs are a perfect example of this!  The gangs are nothing compared to what we have to come with the migrants on the way.  We don’t have time to wait for referendum as the “New world Order” will be upon us before we can exorcise our democratic right.  David Cameron knows this!

With every passing day we are getting angrier and we can all see why.  Sweden followed by Germany is covering up all heinous crimes being carried out and we have seen how they have been betrayed and badly let down by their own governments, simply to keep us all in the lovely harmonious EU!!  The media in the UK is merely a tool used used by the powers that be to tell us how we should think, feel and do.  God help you for thinking out of the box!  Social media has at least reassured us that we are not mad,  it’s them!

Uk is a powder keg and the latest stunt from the Rotherham muslims only serves to make us even angrier and this is for me what I see as most dangerous.  As the Kaiser Cheif’s sang “I predict a riot!  This would be a total disaster for us in the UK and would play into the governments hands….  We have very valid concerns and David Cameron is aware of how angry we are and we will be reported in the MSM as right wing fascists.  We know the cult of islam does nothing but harm and harm is their intention.

The reality is that they control the media and the police as well as the military!  Not looking good is it?  Many are so frustrated that we who built this wonderful country are going to suffer most for our being so compassionate!  There are many of us who are desperate but helpless and we take to social media as the censors close in.  I have had posts and tweets removed from facebook and twitter so I know this is so.  How long have we got before the pc brigade silence us all for good!

We are all out of options and this is the point of my blog.  Heath signed us up to the EU illegally and successive governments have tied us in to this corrupt and evil union who has the power to make sure we don’t get the chance to vote. Cameron will always look out for him and his buddies we now know how irrelevant we have become.  I can see an option for us but we need people who are willing to stick their necks out initially as I am sure this could gather momentum…

It is perfectly legal to with hold our taxes if our government supports and funds terrorism.  This is not an arrestable offence and anyone not paying tax would be pursued  through the courts which takes months if not years.  This gives us a voice and one that they have to listen to and hitting them in the treasury is the way to go.  Why are we funding the very people who are sending us to the dogs and laughing as they do this!

Obviously this couldn’t be done without legal advice and a few good people but as we see with whistleblowers there are some willing to speak up for us and do so at risk to themselves!  Nothing is risk free but very soon we wont have a chance to do anything.  We have to make a stand, we are Great Britain!

Now for the hypocritical part.  I don’t actually pay taxes.  I home educate my children and I am on benefits so this option is not available and you have only my word that I would put my money where my mouth is and this is fact.  At this point you may dismiss what I have to say but I urge you to please share this blog in the hope we can we could really make a difference.  This for me last night was the final straw and my heart sunk so low for this little girl who we know is not an isolated incident!


My final word is that we have police force that is shrinking by the day.  We have no way to defend ourselves and in the end it will be every man for himself!  We need to act before it gets that far!

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