Peter Tatchell: #NotNorman on consent

Norman Awards

At first glance, it could be easy to mistake Peter Tatchell’s recent article, on how [he believes] schools should do more to protect children from abuse and grooming, as something vaguely progressive. However, his piece diverts attention away from early discussion of the rationale behind the latest government initiative on tackling an identified concern of systemic child abuse in the UK, in light of growing evidence that criminal trafficking and abuse networks are forcing Britain’s most vulnerable children into prostitution. Instead, Tatchell is interested in focusing on  “rights and responsibilities” of children as he perceives them to be: “The current UK anti-child sex abuse strategy focuses overwhelmingly on apprehending and prosecuting abusers. That’s good and important. But it is a somewhat one-sided approach. ” It is very unclear why Tatchell seems convinced that there is any other “side” to hold accountable in cases of child abuse, really… He seems to be under the common…

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