Wass Inquiry Cover Up Scandal – EXPOSED

St Helena Child Abuse Scandal


REVEALED: Substantial links between Sasha Wass QC, the Judge heading up the Wass Inquiry into child abuse in St Helena and co-conspirator in cover up – the Department for International Development

In November 2014, the British Foreign Secretary, Phillip Hammond appointed UK barrister, Sasha Wass QC to head up an independent Inquiry to investigate claims of extensive child sexual abuse on the Island of St Helena, a UK Territory.

The Foreign Secretary established this judge led Inquiry – The Wass Inquiry, to investigate the allegations, after whistle-blowers Martin Warsama and Claire Gannon exposed child exploitation on the Island.

It was also claimed that both, the Department for International Development (DFID) and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) had plotted to cover up exceptionally grave child abuse allegations.

A significant part of Wass QC’s remit has been to examine the failings of DFID…

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Peter Tatchell: #NotNorman on consent

Norman Awards

At first glance, it could be easy to mistake Peter Tatchell’s recent article, on how [he believes] schools should do more to protect children from abuse and grooming, as something vaguely progressive. However, his piece diverts attention away from early discussion of the rationale behind the latest government initiative on tackling an identified concern of systemic child abuse in the UK, in light of growing evidence that criminal trafficking and abuse networks are forcing Britain’s most vulnerable children into prostitution. Instead, Tatchell is interested in focusing on  “rights and responsibilities” of children as he perceives them to be: “The current UK anti-child sex abuse strategy focuses overwhelmingly on apprehending and prosecuting abusers. That’s good and important. But it is a somewhat one-sided approach. ” It is very unclear why Tatchell seems convinced that there is any other “side” to hold accountable in cases of child abuse, really… He seems to be under the common…

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Ad Hominem, Mr Corbyn

Padraig Colman

This article appeared in Ceylon Today on Tuesday August 4 2015.

Colman's Column3

I had vowed that I would take a break from writing Colman’s Column until the Sri Lankan parliamentary election was over. However, I have been drawn into discussions about another election, the election of a new leader of the UK Labour Party. The discussions brought out a few issues about the nature of political debate and critical thinking in general, which also have relevance to the Sri Lankan polity. It reminds me of the depressing nature of the responses to Rajiva Wijesinha’s contributions to the Sri Lankan debate; hardly anyone provides a cogent argument against Professor Wijesinha’s points, preferring instead personal insults that would seem immature in a kindergarten.


Surprisingly, the leading contender for the Labour Party leadership as I write is Jeremy Corbyn, the left-wing MP for Islington in north London. Although an MP since 1983, Corbyn has…

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Lord Lambton Scandal. Link to Child Abuse. Who was the third man?

cathy fox blog on child abuse

Norma Levy was a prostitute who slept with Lord Lambton, then Under-Secretary for Defence in Ted Heaths Conservative government. Photographs were taken of the liaison and attempts made to sell them to the papers.

normalevyminister_468x536 Lord Lambton and Norma Levy

In the aftermath, Lord Lambton resigned. Due to confusion with the Jellicoe building and the minister, George Jellicoe (the Lord Privy Seal and Leader of the House of Lords) also resigned after admitting casual affairs with call girls [8].

Norma named a third and possibly a fourth minister but this were denied by the Government [2]. Police were told to investigate the Sunday Peoples dossier by Home Secretary Mr Carr, but did not contact Norma Levy [2].

To add to the intrigue a German “hostess operator” Hans Ulrich-Altoff was  tried for pimping in Germany [1] and had claimed to work with Norma and that they had an arrangement…

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Derek Sawyer, Jeremy Corbyn’s Former Constituency Agent.


download Labour leadership candidate Jeremy Corbyn with his former agent Derek Sawyer

On that day in 1992, they duly ‘told him everything’, says Davies.

‘We were in his office for more than an hour. We shared all of our concerns, including our fears that local children had been murdered by abusers.’

Corbyn listened politely. ‘He responded that he’d heard similar things from other constituents, and promised to do something about it, starting by talking to Virginia Bottomley, the Health Secretary,’ says Davies.

‘We were very pleased to hear him say that. I’d say that we all left the room feeling heartened.’…

…Or so they hoped. But, in the event, Davies and her fellow social workers would be sorely disappointed.

Corbyn never wrote to Davies, or telephoned, to acknowledge their meeting, or thank her for seeking to blow the whistle.

‘After that meeting, we never heard another thing,’ Davies recalls. ‘There was…

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What Is The Ted Heath IPCC Investigation About ?


images (1)

Wiltshire police have said;

Supt Sean Memory spoke on Monday about claims made by a former senior officer in Wiltshire that the threat of Heath being named in connection with child sexual abuse led to a prosecution being dropped against another man.

Speaking outside Heath’s former home, Memory said: “The allegation is that a trial was due to take place in the 1990s and information was received in that trial that Sir Ted Heath was involved in the abuse of children and the allegation is from the result of that information that the trial never took place.

“A retired senior police officer has come forward towards the end of 2014 indicating that they were aware of this information.

The Guardian

The Mirror elaborate;

A brothel keeper is at the centre of a police probe into claims former Prime Minister Ted Heath was a paedophile.

The madam, believed to have been…

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Cleveland: Unspeakable Truths


The headline summed it up: “Is this the film that should never have been made ?”.

Just as telling was that the article under it – in the TV Times – was the only national press coverage of the film. Ten years after the Cleveland Child Abuse Crisis not a single newspaper reported on a documentary which told – for the first time – the truth about what had happened to the children at the heart of a “scandal” which had gripped and divided the entire country. Not for nothing was the film called “Cleveland: Unspeakable Truths”.

For those too young to recall it – and for those who still do – it’s worth recalling the events as they unfolded.

In the spring of 1987, 121 children from the (then) county of Cleveland – an area of some 583 square km and including the economically depressed towns of Hartlepool, Redcar…

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Labour pains

2040 information law blog

Last month, I registered as a supporter of the Labour Party in order to vote for the leader and deputy leader. I am a lifelong Labour voter, and no, I don’t care what you think about that, and if you tell me what you think about that in the comments, I will let your comment through solely so that I can edit it to replace your drivel with the word “Bellend”. WordPress lets me do this, friends, so choose wisely.

The choice of candidates for Leader is as tempting as being asked whether you want a smack in the face or a kick up the arse, while the inevitability of Deputy Tom Watson is just horrible. There are few experiences as emetic as opening an envelope to find Watson’s huge smug face staring out at you. If only I had a dartboard. Nevertheless, if the party is going to let…

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