Police Surveillance: Are the Goddard Inquiry Survivor Groups a target?

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English: A photo of a traditional "blue l... English: A photo of a traditional “blue lamp” as located outside most English police stations. This one is outside the Covent Garden Police Station of the Metropolitan Police in London. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since 1968, the Police have used undercover tactics to infiltrate groups that posed what they considered a public order threat. Along the way, though, something went wrong. They began to put victims’ families under surveillance and infiltrate victim support groups.[1] The police behaviour follows a trend that raises questions about their role and legitimacy today.

Where is the political oversight for undercover policing of victims’ families?

Although many of these cases are alleged, with some still being investigated, there are IPCC investigation reports and news reports that confirm some of them occurred. Even though neither the reports nor the outcomes are in the public domain, their existence raises questions about the police activity. In particular, they…

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Too Many People Got Too Much To Hide

DR Laverty

Shared from here Fabooka De Stait

Knock, Knock….It’s your wake up call.

For several years, there has been a very dangerous and manipulative fool running around the internet. His name is Jimmy Jones, and he has one very lowly site that is visited by no more than half a dozen people on a regular basis.

This idiotic low-life, has caused untold misery to hundreds of survivors of Childhood Sexual Abuse, by way of attempting to discredit them in order to make it appear like he is the righteous voice of the cause to stamp out such exploitation.

As far as I am aware there are no records of him having been in the care system for any length of time, and no records of him having been abused by anyone. However, he did spend time in a rather well known establishment for those who are suffering long-term mental health issues.

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Exaro Spooks?

DR Laverty

Within three minutes of this entry being published these appeared. I love it when a plan comes together. They’re now on a damage limitation spree.

5:31pm · 22 Jul 2015

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In response to complaints from abuse survivors about some extreme examples, we are blocking some further accounts from Exaro.

Remember that the key aims of the trolling campaign on Twitter is to try to divide abuse survivors, and attempt to denigrate them overall.

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We are aware that at least some Twitter accounts are run by paedophiles, while other accounts are run by paedophile-apologists.

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We have had several complaints about outrageous smearing on Twitter of abuse survivors + those who support them in their quest for justice.

You knew all a long didn’t you?


Jerome Booth…

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BOSS , Blackmail, And The Paedophile MP


All stories are from The Times archive unless stated otherwise.

andre Mr Andre Thorne

11th March 1976
13th May 1976
17th May 1976
Ministers from the Home Office and the Foreign and Commonwealth Office are expected to meet today to discuss allegations that an official of the South African Embassy may have been involved in a smear attempt on a British politician. The allegations were contained in a report in The Guardian on Saturday. A dossier has been sent to the Home Office. It was learnt last night that Mr Paul Rose, Labour MP for Manchester, Blackley, is hoping this week to see Sir Harold Wilson, who recently stated that ” overseas anti-democratic forces have conspired for years to undermine the political position of individuals and parties…

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Tom Watson And Today’s Dr Morris Fraser Story


The article from the Independent on Sunday that Tom Watson is referring to here is this one below;

DR. MORRIS FRASER, a child psychiatrist, who was convicted as a paedophile. . REXMAILPIX. Dr. Morris Fraser

Now two former British Army officers, who tried to expose the abuse at the care home, have expressed their disquiet at the PSNI decision to refuse to reveal what it knew about Fraser.

When asked what information the police held on Fraser, following convictions in London and the US for child sexual abuse in the early 1970s, the PSNI said that it could “neither confirm nor deny that it holds the information” and cited, alongside privacy and prejudicial disclosure issues, “Section 23(5) – Information supplied by, or concerning, certain security bodies (national security)”.

Until now it was assumed that Fraser’s dealings with the security forces were limited to those required by his research into the effects of political violence on the young.

Captain Colin Wallace, a former British Army…

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#60mins The hashtag that refused to trend

Wee Ginger Dug

As someone who wants Scottish independence, by definition I am opposed to the British state. Anything which weakens the British state strengthens my cause. But not like this, I don’t want it to happen like this.

Sometimes you can take pleasure in the misfortunes of your political enemies, but sometimes you can’t because the misfortune of your enemy comes on the back of abused and broken innocence. Sometimes you find yourself hoping and praying that what is being said about your enemy isn’t true, can’t be true, because if it is true it revolts and disgusts, because it means that things are far worse than you could possibly have feared – even in the nightmares that stalk you on a cold and lonely night. Sometimes you don’t want to believe what is being said because it means that the mad fringes of conspiracy theories might be right, and that means…

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