celebrity David lynch for new world order mind contol psyop religion? idk lets take a look….


ok i saw this documentary Screenshot (166)  and i thought bizarre and it apearedto be  hypnotism,david lynch has hypnosis techniques written all over his style of film making and presenting. the word hypnotic is almost synonymous with lynchian.  i seen this trailer Screenshot (165) Screenshot (234) im wondering what david lynch is doing has to do with transhumanism agenda! btw tm is maharisi’s cult, look at this add popped up on fb from me taking about tm so much, they found me some more evidence!   transhumanismtranscendence….thnking thnking, brave new world…ect well it has to do a lot! just start looking it up bc there is a lot out there! when u start to read u start seeing this  repetitive theme in all the sci fimovies and in technology, bc it is really happeningind Screenshot (168) take a look for yrself clck hereScreenshot (172)Screenshot (173)Screenshot (176)Screenshot (177) t isScreenshot (169)a tradmarked federal corporation.  

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