Operation Ore; Why did Tony Blair order a D-notice on the MET’s largest investiagation into Pedophelia?


(Full video below..(edit) Or at least, it was until your loving oppressors took it down because, y’know, they know whats good for you better than you do. Kudos to those re-uploading to Youtube)

About 2 years ago the computer I had been using, that had been switched on for weeks at a time for around 4 years, decided to finally give up the ghost and move on to a new state of electrical harmony. Fair enough I understood. I am in a constant state of battle with technology. Since the GCP out of Princeton concluded that human consciousness has an effect on random number generators and thus, something in the electrical fields of technology and consciousness is projecting and picking up interference patters, I have come to conclude that my computer is well aware of the fact i think it’s acting like a cunt and denying me bandwidth or losing…

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