Pindown, Operation Thor and the cover up of Child Sexual Abuse in Staffordshire’s Childrens Homes

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Download a pdf copy of the Report [1b]

Staffordshires “Pindown” scandal was a milestone in public perception about child abuse and what happened in childrens homes.  It was exposed in 1990 on World In Action with about 18 million viewers and shocked the nation.

An Inquiry was commissioned by the County Council to look into the controversial method of keeping children in rooms for days on end, with no communication with other children, having to knock on the door to use the toilet and with few clothes – the Pindown technique.

The Inquiry covered the time period Nov 1983 – Oct 1989. It was held in private, but with a public report [1.13]. The reason for the dates is not clear.

42 days into the inquiry, on Oct 5 1990 [1.12] the terms of reference were widened to include an investigation of child sexual abuse. These concerns had been around…

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George Carmen QC’s Son: ‘Interference’ In Janner Case.


Incidentally, the DDP in 1991 was the ‘Kerb Crawling’ Allan Green QC who picked up one prostitute too many and left one year later in 1992.

The son of barrister George Carman, who was hired by Lord Janner in the early 1990s, told ITV News his father once believed the Labour peer would have to face charges over child abuse allegations.
ITV News Social Affairs Editor, Penny Marshall reports.
Dominic Carman says his father felt there had been, “some interference and some pressure brought to bear,” after the case was dropped.

The police and the Crown Prosecution Service have admitted it missed four opportunities to prosecute the peer.
Lord Janner has always denied he used his position as an MP to abuse young boys in childrens’ homes in Leicestershire, his family have said he is innocent of the allegations against him.

ITV News Mon 27 Apr 2015

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The Consequence Of Leo Abse MP’s Amendment To ‘The Sexual Offences Act 1967′


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As a direct consequence of Leo Abse MP’s amendment to The Sexual Offences Act 1967, in 1968 Robert Charles Angel, then aged 59, despite having pleaded guilty to buggering a 9 year old boy was released from prison on appeal because the DPP had not been consulted before prosecution.

Effectively, Leo Abse MP’s amendment to The Sexual Offences Act 1967 ensured that no case of homosexual paedophilia could proceed without the consent of the Director of Public Prosecutions.

In theory, if the ‘right’ man had the job, the DPP could become the paedophile’s gatekeeper.

All cases of Homosexual paedophilia were no longer subject of the general law but now had to pass through the hands of one man.



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