OPINION: We should be applauding Schofield, not gagging him

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The very Establishment leaders busy castigating the BBC over the Jimmy Savile affair are now protecting paedophiles at large from the House of Commons to Sky News. Bullying the tv media is crass hypocrisy, and the media reaction thus far is a disgrace.

 I think it might be time once again to inject some reality into the pursuit of paedophiles. People are getting confused, and I can understand why: after forty years of looking the other way while aimlessly walking about going lalalalalalaa, they are now only allowed to look or walk in one direction and go overhereoverthereeverythwhere. This is because the infernal simplification of the media is once more involved.

As an exemplar of this, let’s look sensibly at Philip Schofield’s brave attempt yesterday to put an odious hypocrite on the spot. I’ve always thought Scofield to be little more than a harmless tit; but he is these days…

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Paedophiles in Power: Why Jimmy Savile got away with it.

This man really knows what he is talking about

The Slog

The Slog has been scanning recent articles in search of powerful perverts.


Some of you may have noticed that Ed Miliband has called for the Government to set up an independent inquiry into the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal to “do right by the victims”. This is probably because the Opposition Leader thinks – given Savile’s connections – that the Conservative Party is more likely to be damaged by whatever surfaces. But those who follow the antics of Labour in local Government (and have watched both Harman and Balls do nothing when they were in power) suspect otherwise.

The largely Labour controlled and supported social care system and Family Courts ‘ring’ have been Britain’s biggest secret social disgrace for two decades. I and many others have followed the trail of abuse, gagging orders, bizarre acquittals and cover-ups for many years…the leading light in this investigation being

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