The paedophile next door

Respect and admiration for both survivors on last night’s show, no baby. toddler or child should have to be damaged in this way and I can’t help but feel the programme was giving the wrong message.  Eddie openly admitted he is attracted to children and fair play to him for doing this.  He also knows it is morally wrong so he won’t cross that line.

He did admit to viewing child porn and this as far as I can see is the first step to becoming an “Offender”!  If he watches child porn then he clearly has no empathy for the child who is being abused for his sexual pleasure.  I certainly don’t have all the answers but chemical castration has to be the way forward.  On the human rights issue no adult should be allowed to abuse any child for sexual gratification.  Any paedophile who would object to the chemical castration option does not desire a cure and as for serious offenders, keep them locked up and a permanent tag should be used.  Would it hurt to try these measures?

If we can get rid of the vip paedophiles currently in power now, we as a society could make a massive difference and really protect our children.  It is no accident that they are deeply entrenched in our care and state system and it fully demonstrates how manipulative and cunning they have been.  Without the excellent work of Exaro and other bloggers we would still be clueless.  Don’t befriend a paedo, I don’t see the point in understanding their behaviour as I would rather concentrate on ways to stop them.

As most of society now communicates heavily on the net I would advise parents that keeping your children in view when they are on line is the only way to ensure their safety from online predators.  Standing firm is better than having regrets for not doing this.  Some may think it a little extreme but last year I decided to bin the telly, so to speak, previously to that the music channel was not allowed simply because it has over the years become more about porn than music.  Madonna started it and it has spiralled out of control.  Lets be honest the greed of Rhianna and Miley Cirus and others has caused a lot of damage and they are appalling role models.

Life these days is hectic but keeping your brood safe and out of danger has to be every parents priority.  Our children only have one childhood.